Monday, April 27, 2009

We did not kill the bees when we worked on the hive.

(always good news!)

The girls were REALLY active on Sunday. I went out (cotton pants and a tank top) and stood with them, taking some videos and photos. They were sweet and calm. One landed on my arm for a bit. Some videos! (all about 10 - 20 seconds in length)

The microphone on my camera isn't fantastic, but you can hear how loud the hive was in this one.

One little girl on my arm. It was weird, when she'd flex her abdomen, it'd touch my skin lightly. I had the initial eep! reaction, then thought - she's touching you, not hurting you. Getting over the fear of bees is taking some time. Days like this help. :)

Bees on the side of the hive. It cracks me up to see them walking - they aren't the most gracious walkers! - and then they gracefully lift off and float around.

I think that catches me up with the weekend activities. It's time for bed!


  1. LOVED this post. It's SO wonderful to see how well Urania is doing!