Wednesday, April 8, 2009

hiving in one hour!

We'll be hiving the bees between six and seven tonight if all goes well. I'm told during the day they got really loud! I'm keeping my bike on the deck tonight - didn't want to risk going next to angry bees in my black & yellows to hang the bike up in the shed.

The hive is facing the corner of the fence in the least occupied part of my yard. On the other side of the fence is my front yard neighbor's back yard, which he used to collect weeds. My side neighbor has a small walkway on the other side behind a large storage shed and a dog run, so it's not well peopled either. *crossing fingers for safety*

Our Queen Excluders arrived from Mann Lake today, hooray! We're putting them *under* the brood box until some comb is laid out. Once we see that there are cells, we'll take it off to allow the Queen on her Nuptial Flight. The goal here is to keep them in the hive, rather then have the bees do the equivalent of "we're not interested in a fixer-upper, off we fly."

eeee! very excited!

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