Monday, April 6, 2009

Getting ready for 30,000 new pets!

Time to get ready for the bees! Most of this happened last week, over my work's Spring Break. It's good to be an adult and still get Spring Break. ;) Anyway - a quick summary (in photos!) of the work thus far. More photos and maybe video to come, the bees arrive tomorrow!

My truck at Mann Lake in Woodland, California. Two hives, frames, a smoker, some hive tools, some jackets with hoods, some gloves, etc etc ... A great road trip!
This tiny bee landed on telescoping cover while painting. Tiny bee approval: Check!

The local Beekeeping Guild did an installation demo. Huge advantage that his frames are all drawn out with brood. We even saw a few new workers emerge - amazing!

Bee cat approves of Bee boxes!
The hive, Urania, painted. In Celestial Blue. (oh, the name was too perfect. Turns out the color was pretty awesome too.) The hive is named for the Muse of Astronomy and Astrology -

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