Saturday, April 25, 2009

short and sweet.

(clicking on the photo will make it huge, and thus read-able)

In summary - put on the new screened bottom board with pull out drawer to keep an eye on Varroa. Took a page out of the Backyard Beekeeper book and wrapped it in gift wrap paper with a spray of oil for stickyness. Here's hoping! In a gesture of hopefulness and a desire to disturb the bees as little as possible, we placed the frames in the previously empty brood box. Placed the honey super on the top as a guard for the simple syrup jar above the cover under telescoping cover.

While we were working, we barely touched the smoke. The bees were in a sweet and busy mood. Took advantage of this to pop off the cover and take a look inside.

They have definitely been building comb! It's pearly white, and just looks so bright and clean. I was hypnotized watching the bees. Some moving idly about, others exchanging with other bees, still more unloading heavy pollen baskets, and a few taking advantage of the cover being off to zip off out the top.

Earlier, I caught a quick video of a single bee on the armrest of a deck chair. (25 seconds long)

Really not sure what she is doing. Did see her stick out her proboscis, and she flew off later. Think she was grooming, but I could be way off. Really cool to just sit and watch her.

And eight seconds of the hive with the top off:

Really pleased with our ladies!

Also picked up Natural Beekeeping from the library today. Very excited to read about beekeeping that is in mind of the entire approach to the garden.

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