Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sun in Taurus

I was amused to realize the Sun is moving into Taurus right about now earlier today. It seems appropriate that the weekend was spent on earthly pursuits. The bees seem delighted with the weather. They are in and out of the hive from about 8am to about 6pm. After 6, the only bees I've really seen are the guard bees. They didn't mind my working in the garden, but after watching the breakneck speeds a few of them were exiting and entering the hive with, I did make an effort to move slowly & pause. With their vision, bees would see me as an obstacle, but may interpret me moving quickly in their path as a threat. As good natured as this hive has been, I don't want to damage our relationship.

Planted the zucchini from Christopher into containers, and planted lettuce seedlings into the garden. (two of the three seedlings here) Gave everything a good watering today as well, and realized I've got closer to fifteen cucumber seedlings. ! Hopefully they are productive plants and we end up with loads of cucumbers for eating and pickling. Added extra twine to the sugar peas fence, and made a trellis for the sweet peas.

Overall, the garden is doing great. As I was sitting planting the lettuce, I heard a much hoped for sound - a buzzing from the strawberries. I turned to see a bee working over the strawberry flowers. Yes!!!

The rest of the garden has a lot of activity from the birds. I've seen more robins than usual. The Vermillion flycatchers have been plentiful, and we've a grey squirrel that keeps coming by. I'm amused by how fast he becomes a flying squirrel when we open the door!

I took a hike this morning at Edgewood Park. (I didn't take the route described on the site exactly - mine was Edgewood Trail, Franciscain Trail, Serpentine Loop, Ridgewood Loop, Scenic Trail, and Sylvan Trail.) Saw Brush Rabbits, deer, lizards, scrub jays, and all kinds of butterflys. Also saw a few burrowing bees. They were large, black hairy creatures that wiggled into down into holes in the trail. Also met a group that was out bird watching, and passed what I think was a boy scout troop of some kind and a wildflower walk on the way down. The scenic trail was very quiet, I did not encounter anyone else on it. I also slipped badly and strained my ankle. Sitting with an ice pack on it now, should be all better in the morning.

The Friends of Edgewood also have a great website about the park. It's definitely close enough to the city to make it popular, but remote enough for a good walk. The mileage charts on the map isn't great, but it looks like I did about three or so miles with the top peak at 872 feet. It took me about two hours, and it's a park I'd definitely go back to.

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