Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Long live the Queen! Hail Urania!

About to sit down to dinner. The hiving process took about one hour in all. It was way more intense than I imagined! All the books, websites, videos, demos, etc - nothing really prepares you like the experience itself!

This is one of my favorite pictures from the event - me pouring the bees in. The hive is closed, the Queen is still in her cage in the hive, and the bees are settling down for the night.

Hail Urania!


  1. This photo totally scares me. I'd be afraid they wouldn't like their new home. (I realize this is completely ignorant in the ways of bee keeping but I own it!)

  2. Yay Bees! Part 2 tomorrow! :)

  3. I am worried they won't like their new home. There's a chance we release the Queen and she tells them, "this place sucks, let's go." It's a risk, but hopefully a calculated one.

    The weather may be in our favor for this. With it being cool, overcast, and sprinkling a bit - hopefully they'll say, "fine, fine, it's not great, but might as well stay here and be dry" and then start to put down the comb.

    So we're still in the fingers crossed stage.