Sunday, April 5, 2009

Growing Challenge: First weekend of April, cucumber seeds!

Urania Hive is painted and ready to go. To use the Queen Excluder or to not use the Queen Excluder? On one hand, it sounds good - the workers have a lot of work to do, and there's nowhere for the Queen to start laying. What's to stop them from collectively saying, this blows. Let's go find a better place. On the other hand - all the books & websites & other Guild members thus far haven't mentioned this - just one guy. Hm.

Water fountain has been leveled and cleaned up for the bees as well. So much prep work, so little time! I imagine this is what new parents must feel like! Added some wet cat food to the wasp trap as well. Noticed the cat hanging out nearby, not sure it's related.

Watched a humming bird move all about the butterfly bush chirping away. No flowers yet little guy! hopefully soon.

Used some of the compost tea around the gardens to fertilize. Had noticed the worm bin was leaking, must be time to feed the plants!

Planted cucumber seeds outside. Did two rows in the veg plot, and stuck a few seeds in with the tomato plants in their bags. Tomatoes grow up, cucumbers grow out!

Transplanted the Marigolds from seedling trays and on to the border of flower garden and the path to the bench. A lot of Lemon Balm had seeded and was growing in the veg plot, dug that up to transplant to the front of the fountain. If it lives, excellent! If not, it was already destined for the compost. Transplanted the two basil plants I picked up at the Farmer's Market on Saturday into larger containers. The purple basil was rootbound already. These are going to live in the open greenhouse. Even open it's collecting a good amount of heat, and it looks like the weather has passed from warming to scorching inside. We lost a lot of seedlings suddenly, too much heat is our best guess.

Some of the beets and a few carrots should be ready to harvest next week! Bees arrive Tuesday night, the plan is to place them on Wednesday late afternoon / early evening.

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