Monday, April 27, 2009

The Growing Challenge: garden update!

Got some photos of the plants, for the most part all is well!

The lemon geranium was dug up. We took a bunch of cuttings to replant in a pot this time. Cutting or removing a healthy plant always bums me out a bit, especially after I saw a hummingbird taking sips from it in the morning. (And come back later and dart around where the geranium *had* been!)

In place of the lemon geranium, we planted the Hibiscus tree that was looking pretty root bound. Also planted a minature rose tree there, so now all of our roses are together. Two proper rose bushes, two mini rose plants, and now a mini rose tree.

Can't help but think it looks great. :) And heard a hummingbird was using the Hibiscus tree as a perch.

Last weekend I turned the hot compost pile. I was happy to see things breaking down well. Took the kitchen bin out to bury in the compost and was surprised to find a lot sprouting!

No idea what it is. The hard thing is since I just turned the pile, it's not something that we've eaten / discarded recently. I didn't disturb it, may give it a chance to see what happens. I haven't had much luck in the past with the tomatoes that have sprouted in compost and then been planted.

The tomatoes and cucumbers are doing great. The tomatoes stalled a bit after transplanting them from seed packs to the bags, but I'm guessing that was just root growth. The cucumber sprouts are doing fine. I'm hopeful!

Zucchini plants from Christopher transplanted beautifully. I'm hoping they thrive!

Cucumbers in the veggie patch. To the back left is the sugar peas, the upper right corner is a potato plant from seed potato, and bottom right corner is leeks from seeds.

The heat wave last week did amazing things to the Arugula! It has taken off. That's the same little plants that are in the user icon for this blog!

The Kale is also doing well. Something seemed to be lunching on it for a bit, but I think it's pulling through.

Sugar peas and carrots in the background, and lettuce (seedlings, not from seed!) to the left.

Beet city!!!

Finally, it looks like we are going to have a lot of plums!


  1. Looks beautiful! The arugula and beets look mouthwatering. Yum.

  2. Wow--your arugula looks great! Oohh--and plums, yummo!