Sunday, April 11, 2010

where has the time gone?

so much happening, and so little time to update!  First - what is this? 

I found this in the garden as I was weeding.  I gave it a slight squeeze to see if it was hollow, and it moved!  The pointed end wiggled just a bit.  I set it down under the rose plants where it wouldn't be disturbed.  Would love to know what it is!  

About a month ago M arrived to the house and saw a butterfly inside of the fire pit.  (The fire pit is pictured here, not the butterfly!)  He released it, and we both thought, what an odd place for a butterfly to get into.  

With more inspection, we found that it was a caterpillar that crawled in, the chrysalis was still intact. 

The seedlings have mostly done well. Peas are going wild (they are several inches taller than this photo), tomatoes are sprouting, cucumbers and lemon cucumbers are getting their true leaves, and one soy bean sprouted.  Carrots and leeks are both coming up, as is zucchini and lettuce.  It looks like the peppers are a no show, so we'll have to get seedling plants.  

The last of the turnips were picked.  Also collected the first of the fava beans and a good amoulnt of sugar peas.  The peas went for lunch at my twin's house.  I'm delighted that my thirteen month old niece likes garden peas.  

The fava bean plants are dominating the garden and the house at this point.  Those are leeks just peeking out under there too!  The recent rain and winds have thrashed the plants (and let's be honest, their size didn't help!)  I'm not sure how much longer these guys will be in the garden, we could use the space, and I'd like to not have to carry my bike over them. 
Ah, looking at all the garden photos makes me anxious to get my hands in the dirt again!  I'm grateful for today's rain (nearly an inch!), but I'm missing the soil!

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  1. That's definitely a pupa but I can't tell you whether it's for a moth or butterly but most likely one or the other. If you put it in a jar you'll get to see it hatch. If left outside uncovered a bird or rodent would find it a good meal.