Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Virgil said that the bees "partake of an Essence Divine and drink Heaven's well-springs."

It's been a very busy April so far.  And we are left with muses!  

Urania.  The hive at my own house, from her we harvested over 150 pounds of honey last year.  The hive died off around the new year, but then a swarm found the hive and is living there now. 

Terpsichore.  Now a year old, going strong and recently given a new hive remodel.  She's a strong hive and likely to be our next harvest.  

Thalia.  Four hives in this grassy meadow.  I'm charmed by the stories the name Thalia brought out from the property owners.  

Polyhymnia.  Six hives on a sunny hillside surrounded by a peaceful retreat.  Fruit trees, berries, gardens and more. 

It's either Calliope or Clio.  Four hives in a sun drenched agricultural area.  An organic farm is a few miles away, the goal is to add more hives in this area.  

Erato.  Three hives on the rooftop of a downtown home.  This one has a "super queen" - the pheromones from one hive pulled most of the neighboring hive's bees into her fold.  They were storing honey and pollen in drawn comb within days. 

Euterpe.  Hived last night, this hive makes the 20th hive! 

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