Monday, May 4, 2009

the local red headed crooner

Our little red-head and his brunette girlfriend? House finch!

And they have the sweetest song. It's hard to believe such a little bird can make such a big statement. (each video is about 10 - 15 seconds)

Have also spotted an American Robin around collecting grass from the neighbors yard for nest building. I was startled by the first sighting - one, the robin is much larger than the other birds I'm used to. and with a beak full of dried grasses, my first thought was "that bird has a beak full of sphagetti!" er, no! ;)

Lots of hummingbirds around as well, uncertain if they are Allen's or Anna's, both are common in the area. Either way, I do love seeing these tiny birds dart about, suspend in mid-air, and finally sit on a branch.

Ok, Cat is needing to be played with.

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