Sunday, May 31, 2009

Burrowing Owl Chicks!

My campus has Burrowing Owls. They have been featured in the media before, BBC did a great show about urban wildlife and focused on the campus. (see here, owls at 6:30) The owls were doing great, then disappeared all together, and in the last few years have slowly returned. I hadn't seen one for three years, and then was walking along a campus road after lunch one day, and was shocked to see one sitting just off the road in the dirt. The campus has been hopeful that they would mate this spring.

We are in luck!

eeee I'm so excited! They are doing a banding this coming Friday that I've been invited to. Sadly that coincides with pre-existing plans, but hopefully there will be another chance to get close to these little creatures.

(photos by Dave G, you can see loads more here!) (Dissapproving anyone?)

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