Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bike to Work Day - one week away!

It's come to my attention that many of my fellow bike car riders are less than thrilled about bike to work day. "Bike to work day!" one of my friends said this last weekend. "that's the only day I drive to work!" I over-heard another pair recently mapping out their ride to maximize free swag. "The train will be full of idiots" the woman said knowingly. Her friend nodded. "No bike tags, no clue how to organize the bikes by destination, just idiots."


I have been excited about bike to work day. I stopped driving to work (but for a once a month meeting) in June of 2008, so it's nearing my one year anniversary of taking the train / light rail / bus and walking / riding to work. I'm extremely happy with it. I simply can't believe it took me so long to get here.

Happily for me, next Thursday is a pretty relaxed day at work. My plan right now is to leave early, stop here and there for freebies & recharging, and then take a leisurely ride in to work. The other part of my plan is to bike out earlier than the majority of the crowd. I'm amused that it's "Bike to work day!" and nothing about "Bike home too!"

There is plenty of media saturation regarding the event, but today brought a few links that were of interest. The Slackers Guide to Bike Commuting made me laugh. I admit that sometimes I will wear a different shirt, but spandex? No. The pants are either strapped down or rolled up! (I do have a patch kit and a spare tube, cough cough) Map my Ride and Bikely are awesome resources, the kind of sites that some force from above should send you when you get your first bike. (still working out the details!) This article from SF Gate on looking good as a cyclist... sigh. You are doing it wrong. But the fine folks involved with SF Tweed, you are doing it right!

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