Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Four days in bee time

Last year M took out two frames from the brood box to capture a swarm. (The swarm is doing great)  He didn't replace the frames, bee space was violated, and the girls built out comb.  They were given a new brood box (with frames!) and the old box with burr comb was left out for the bees to rob. Unfortunately,  a cluster of bees didn't leave. For two nights (temps were around 30 - 40 F) these bees sat out there on the wax. M realized there was some brood in the comb. We set the brood box back on the hive Wednesday afternoon.  Sunday morning we went out to remove the burr comb and found what they had made.

With water, smoke, and patient brushing,  the bees were returned to the hive and the comb left in a wine bucket for the bees to rob. 

I'm still amazed what these girls can do.

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