Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bottling wine

In anticipation of the summer fruits, I bottled our Pomegranate 2007 wine into bottles.  

First, the bottles are soaked in a potassium metabisulfate solution.  (very dilute!) 
The corks are also soaked to soften them. 
The carboy (it's a six gallon glass carboy) is moved to the counter to allow sediment to settle.  
One at a time, wine is siphoned carboy to bottle.  The red thing is the hand corker. 
The job is done quickly.  
Poor light, but one shot for color. 

Planning for a bike ride and perhaps making some plum wine tomorrow.  Summer is finally here!


  1. Wonderful batch of wine you have there. Now I'm wondering if you make mead as well?

  2. We started a mead last year with our last honey harvest. From a combination of busy schedules and sheer lazyness, we left it in the primary container too long, and when I went to get ready to rack it, fruit flies had already found it. We had to dump the lot. This year, maybe! I'm actually interested in doing some metheglins - especially ginger. Think it would make a lovely dinner appertif.