Friday, July 24, 2009

We are the buzz.

I'm loving that people from work, yoga, and other circles are bringing me news clippings relating to gardens, bees, and honey. I'm delighted to be part of such a positive awareness.

Naomi from yoga brought me a copy of this article regarding Cameo Wood's store: Her Majesty's Secret Beekeeper. We'd visited it a couple of weeks ago, but it was still great to see more "sweet" press.

Dave sent me this link today about Urban beekeepers. I admit that I often glance at the rooftops as the train speeds up and down the peninsula, hoping to see a hive on one of the roofs.

Before leaving to go camping last Friday, I dropped a jar of honey off at my neighbors (who is also my landlord!) house. I left a note letting them know the bees thank them. :) They are very respectful of our privacy, so I wasn't surprised that I had not heard anything. I saw both of them on my way in from work yesterday. They were both delighted with the honey, and said their youngest has been nicknamed "honey bear". I was told she has been asking repeatedly to be able to come thank me personally for the honey, and is asking several times a day for a quick taste. (seriously, what makes a beekeeper happier than hearing how great the honey is?) Her grandpa, on hearing that I have bees (and knowing about the wine making and gardening) said, "when the end of the world comes, I want to take Jen with me." I was laughing, and told them about a recent photo I got of the bottled honey and bottled wine all stored. We may not last long after the Apocalypse, I thought, but it'll sure be fun!

Their two kids have been fantastic. They saw us not too long ago in our jackets, and have been eager to get a second (and third and forth!) look. I felt bad about shooing them away from the harvest work, but I can't handle the thought of either of them being stung. I love that they are curious. When we had finished the bulk of the harvest work last time, they came back again. I showed them the bees walking on the sidewalk cleaning up our spills. They were totally fascinated and completely patient. The youngest licked some honey from the table and declared it "Yummy!" I hope they always keep bees in their minds as gentle and generous creatures.

Life is sweet indeed!


  1. Leading by example. Good for you. Good for us all.

  2. Lovely post! Our friends do the same with the clippings and things. I love it. Stuff comes popping in the mail all the time : )

  3. Thank you June and Beegirl! :) I was talking with Juliette recently about our role as bee ambassadors. Spreading the good word about the bees and honey, and dispelling fear and ugly myths.