Sunday, July 5, 2009

Holiday weekend.

Last Tuesday afternoon we added a third honey super to the hive. The girls took to it immediately, they were hanging out in the top the next day. I've also noticed they have appeared calmer - they seem to be staying in a bit later in the morning and heading in earlier in the evening.

Thursday night I went to the local bee guild meeting and talked to some members about the hive and honey harvesting.

Today Abeille a Miel and I went to the city for general festivities, but mostly with the intent to visit the new beekeeping and honey store - Her Majesty's Secret Beekeeper. The store is gorgeous! (photos on her yelp review.) Cameo was great to talk to, we had a great time sampling different honey and purchased some fantastic soaps and candles. I'm really excited to see a bee and honey store in the city, and I wish her store great success.

Saturday was all about wine. The Blackberry 2009 was racked from primary to secondary. Sulpher dioxide was added to the Elderberry and Syrah to kill the remaining yeast in prep for bottling. All of the remaining wines were racked to help clear them.

We use Mardi Gras beads to identify the wines - believe me that 6 gallons of pink/purple liquid look very similar after awhile! I also think it makes the bottles incredibly festive and pretty. ;)

It's been a great weekend. A perfect mix of busy, productive, restful, and celebratory.

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