Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Criticism in the City.

On Saturday afternoon, some friends and I left a wine bottling event and decided to have lunch in the Mission District.  We were curious to try out Pig and Pie (and found it to be exactly what we hoped for: casual, delicious, and good ingredients.)  We all agreed it was what we were looking for on that autumn afternoon.  As we sat and talked, our sweet tooths got the best of us.  I pulled twitter up to see what flavors Humphrey Slocombe was offering.  I didn't find the flavors; I found they had duck fat pecan pies.  My southern gal was sold.  We headed around the corner to Humphrey Slocombe.  
They each ordered pecan pies a la mode, I decided on the Bourbon and Coke Float.  (two scoops of secret breakfast, bourbon caramel syrup, and coke)  The photo is one I took while we were sitting in Humphrey Slocombe.  I've been a fan of Humphrey Slocombe for a few years now: a commitment to quality ingredients and ice cream?  Yes, please!  It's why I adore Penny Ice Creamery and Bi-Rite.  

So I picked up that aluminum bottle of coke and looked at the ingredients.  High Fructose Corn Syrup.  Bummer.  I wondered why, in the Mission District, someone hadn't just gotten a case of Mexi-Coke.  (Made with cane sugar.)  Or even a cola from Blue Sky.  Or Hansen's.  Oh!  I thought.  This would be good with GUS too.  Since I'd tweet'ed with other businesses before with success, I decided to inquire.  

(these are screen caps from email and twitter)  
Sometime between Saturday evening and Monday morning, @humphreyslocombe deleted that tweet and blocked me from their account.  
Apparently someone else noticed the deleted tweet.  I'm glad Alexa was amused, but I'll be honest: I found it hurtful to be called names and so unjustly accused.  I asked them a question, and rather than answering it or asking me to clarify what I meant, they turned rather vicious and nasty.  

I wrote to the company on Monday morning when I saw their reply.  I explained what I had found, assured them that I wasn't medicated and didn't need to be medicated.  I wondered how I would reply if someone attacked something like the quality of the honey I sell.  As incredulous as it may make me, my hope is that I'd respond better than this.  

So if anyone from Humphrey Slocombe's is listening: I'm not a hater, and I'm not now.  You have the same evidence that I have, we've just reached different conclusions.  

I'm also no longer a fan.  Business and community that is built on bullying and name calling is not community or business for me.  I'll be joining the lines down on 18th Street in the future when my sweet tooth calls.  

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