Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cool weather, cool garden

With the shorter days and cooler weather, things have slowed down outdoors.

It looks as though our top honey super has a crack in it.  We're leaving the bees alone until around the Solstice.  If there's a warm enough day, we'll open the hive up and take a peak.  The Ecalyptus trees are flowering now, and swarms in mid-January aren't unheard of around here.

Unfortunately, the cold weather has hit a number of bees.  I'm reminded of Barbara's Lazarus bees, with the exception that these ladies were found too late.  

Fava plants are flowering.

The leeks are doing fantastic, they'll be a year in the spring.

Bell peppers still growing.

Beans and peas are pacing themselves.  The pea plant on the end that is the high performer amuses me.

More carrots this year than last.

The turnips are growing beautifully.  Figured out why you only have micro greens - the mature plants have thorns!

Our strawberry plants are simultaneously flowering and dying back.

Plum tree is losing its leaves.

All in all, it's still a gorgeous site to come home to.

Even if that means crossing the path of the mutant lemongrass!  


  1. Your gardens are fabulous. We're having snow here and everything is leafless and brown. When I get colour-starved to see greenery I'll have to visit your blog!

  2. Did you find a glass honey bee dish on E-Bay? The reason I ask is that I found an amber coloured one I'd like to bid on and I don't want to bid against you and drive your price up. You can let me know at barblindberg(at) Thanks!