Sunday, October 18, 2009

Growing Challenge: tiny seedlings for a big garden

"Lettuce" show off the seedlings!  :-D

Cabbage is doing strong.

That is a shocking amount of turnips!

Carrots are making their first appearances - the tiny slivers that look a bit grass like.

Bush beans and peas coming up.  Love this delicate stage - the vulnerable neck of the seedling, the last of the seed still clinging.

Fava beans!  Remind me of tiny bouquets.

Sweet peas!!!  We don't do many non-edibles, but these are worth it.

Spinach, yum!

Looking at the graph, only the parsnips are yet to make an appearance, and their week should be next week.  I'm so pleased with the cool weather garden, why did we wait so long to try this?  

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