Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I. am. dying. with. laughter.

Thanks to the Timbuk2 blog for pointing out this gem: Performance.

(says the person that has a bike with brakes and gears, but it's been pointed out to me on the train that I could get a faster street bike. And I have not one, but two timbuk2 bags.)

My commute has changed a bit. I've been biking between work and the Santa Clara station. This is about half roads through commercial and residential property. The gem of the commute is taking the San Tomas Aquino / Saratoga Creek Trail. It's about two miles of mixed use path that runs under any cross traffic. The creek is running even now, and is alive with cattails, mallards, egrets, and several other small birds. Anytime of day there are joggers, walkers, and other cyclists. It's been a treat to commute on.

Looking at the trail map and the Bay Trail, it looks like I should be able to bike from the Mountain View station to the Stevens Creek Trail, then connect to the Bay Trail. The problem I see (looking at maps on the internet) is once I hit the bay, the trail I need between the water and NASA is a future trail. Once that segmet is built, then I could follow the Bay Trail to the San Tomas Aquino Trail, and viola! Mountain View to work ride that only involves about a half mile sharing the road with cars.

That said - the current San Tomas Aquino map says that the section of trail to Monroe doesn't exist, and my ability to ride on it says otherwise. An adventure is planned! Sometime before the end of the month, I'll ride out and see what I find at the end of the Stevens Creek Trail.

It's things like this that make me consider joining the local bike coalition. But their meetings are on the same nights as the bee guild. Argh! what's a beekeeping bicyclist to do?

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