Thursday, June 25, 2009

The White House bees!

(I'm puzzled by the caption of collecting the first batch of honey - maybe this is the comb going back into the hive? where's the cappings?)

Last night I made my own ginger ale. Left the bottle in the shed next to where my bike gets hung up. In case of explosion, most of the shed can be hosed down with no problem. This is not really the case for the kitchen. The other advantage is I'll be sure to check it at least twice today. When I left this morning the bottle was already feeling more full. My guess is it will be ready tonight, yum!

Also got a whole wheat bread soaker and biga started to make bread tonight. Was going to make some granola bars as well, but the kitchen got commandeered for dinner instead. Hopefully can make those tonight if I get home early enough. :)

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  1. Looked through the comments on the photofeed and a few people noticed what you did! I can't seem to be able to cut and paste to your blog, not sure why :( but the comments below the picture show beekeepers telling the photographer 'uh, no - that's not a picture of a frame full of honey' :D